My sis Alina

How, when and who ? all these questions are revolving in my mind. But these questions are unsolved and behave like a mistery. 9months ahead when we were in process of her check up in B&B the very first shock was there when we knew the fact however we managed.

Days were passing any way she was hiding her pains and worries, she was enough strong to convince we all. In this year only voveran was her best friend, she had eaten her enternally, i remember her in that days her spirit in om shanti and her dance but then this times she became lazy.

However we dont know what is happening to her? she doesnt show up always hide her pains. Even though i wanted to be near and share her pain but it was hard to survive with pain thinking to this and amaze that how could she? again questions arises in my mind and rememeber those hospitalized days previously in medical ward. we saw two dead person in two diff days both of them was aside of ours bed but both was dead at night in about 12.30.

I still remember that time, we were ready to go home all her pains and wounds were cured and in the mean while there was stomach pain. perhaps it was by gastritis pain we thought that and it was over. After half an hour our duty to be in hospital was in night, tomm was discharge day and we were happy.
Apart from that her pain in stomach increased and we again reached to hospital in mid night n morning passed. and again she got im ( voveran) and she was fine but one problem was pancreatitis which was suspected bec amylaze was a bit high and she was anemic too. she had already 4 pounds of blood. But she was no more in tomm morning.

Every body was responsible for it. Me because i was late ust 4 hrs late for my sister and docters, they were also late, whole day late for her bec there was no any resaons to blame her. Lab personnel bec they didn’t provide blood in emergency me again bec i always was in hurry to treat my sister soon and used to catch the doctor any where and ask them and all others.

She was the first daughter of Our family. Alina and i received so much love from our family members that i can’t imagine and guess that alina cant forget it too. Every body was fine and happy here past years. She was innocent and pure holy spirit so god felt mercy for her and took away. Our pain was unbearable but anyway we have to bear it.

Sister from Om Shanti was there and she told that she had seen her in BaBa’s lap smiling. All said she is bhagya mani but i belive that i am bhagya mani than her bec she gave me a chance to care her in hosptial and fulfill my all duties that i must do to a sister.

One thing will always be in my mind that i cant see my sister for last time and nither mom did its too long, i think but there are too much to write but expressing all by this is impossible wish that wherever my sister is, she will be always in my heart and soul.

Pray to god that i want Alina in my every birth as a sister my belived Alina .
Forgive me if i have done any mistakes knowingly or unknowingly please forgive me.


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